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The Trade Representation of the Russian Federation in Finland
Venäjän Federaation kaupallinen edustusto Suomessa

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Trade Representative of the Russian Federation in Finland Valery SHLYAMIN

Valery SHLYAMIN Mr.V.Shlyamin was born in Petrozavodsk (the Republic of Karelia) in 1952.

A graduate of the Petrozavodsk State University (in 1974).

In 70's and 80's he occupied various administrative positions in the town of Kostomuksha (the Republic of Karelia).

Mr.V.Shlyamin is Doctor of Economic Sciences, an expert in the field of regional economics and international labour sharing.

1987-1992 - Chairman of the State Committee for Statistics of the Republic of Karelia.

1992-2002 - Minister of External Relations of the Republic of Karelia.

2002-2003 - Minister for Economic Development of the Republic of Karelia.

1992-2006 –Presidium Member of the Karelian Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences. In January, 2007 Mr. Shlyamin was elected honorary doctor of the Petrozavodsk State University. Since 2012 - Expert of the Russian International Affairs Council. 

Since 2003 - Trade Representative of the Russian Federation in Finland.

State Awards: Order of Friendship (2000), Gratitude of the President of the Russian Federation (2006).

Hobbies: regional economics of Northern Europe. He is the author of more than 100 scientific publications, among them 6 monographs.

V.A. Shlyamin is an editorial council member of "Federal reference book" and "International trade and commerce policy" magazine (Moscow).

Mr.Shlyamin fluently speaks Finnish and English.