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SEZ Titanium valley

SEZ “Titanium valley” is a special economic zone of industrial-production type, situated in Sverdlovsk region, Russia. We offer a package of tax and customs exemptions to our residents. Ready-to-use industrial infrastructure, great deal of potential consumers, industrial enterprises and highly qualified workers make our SEZ attractive for Russian and foreign investors.
Our mission:
Creating best conditions for industrial enterprises at the border of Europe and Asia.
Priority sectors of development:
• Woodworking
• Construction materials production
• Titanium products manufacturing
• Components and equipment for metallurgy and machinery engineering
• Medical equipment production

SEZ “Titanium valley” offers following advantages for investors:
Up to 30% economy of operational costs due to tax exemptions and VAT and import duties;
Ready-to-use engineering infrastructure;
Access to transport and logistics corridors connecting Russia, CIS and European countries, China;
Simplified (one-stop-shop) administrative treatment;
The minimal investment rate of 2mln. US dollars / 1.7 mln. Euro.

12 residents from various industrial sectors have already chosen us. Among them are aircraft builder “Ural works of civil Aviation”, titanium stampings machining enterprise “Ural Boeing Manufacturing”, Korean joint venture “Tooling production Minicut” and others.
Our contacts:

SEZ “Titanium Valley”
office 2102, 51 Malysheva street, Ekaterinburg, Russian Federation
Tel: +7 (343) 243 55 83



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