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Торговое представительство РФ в Финляндии

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00140 Хельсинки
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Cherepovets, Vologda region is one of the main industrial cities in Russia.«Severstal», one of the world's largest steel companies, operates here.

Currently «Severstal» is looking for companies that are engaged in waste recycling: plastic, archival documentation, bearings.
Severstal is ready to consider the proposals of Finnish companies for cooperation in these areas on the terms of full or partial localization in Cherepovets.
The city has favorable conditions for localization - sites with engineering communication, tax preferences, the possibility of attracting Federal funding, comprehensive programs to support investment projects.
The city administration and Severstal are ready to answer questions from Finnish companies online or organize a visit to Cherepovets.

1 Archival documentation:  In Severstal, archival documentation is formed regularly. It contains confidential information.
The paper belongs to the category of waste prohibited from disposal at the industrial waste landfill since 2019
The company which will be engaged in processing of waste, has to have an industrial shredder of 1-2 secrecy classes, video surveillance system.

2 Plastic bottle: Severstal has used plastic bottles (with a capacity of 5 and 19 liters). Plastic waste belongs to the category of waste prohibited for disposal at the industrial waste landfill since 2019.
Pet bottles are made of rigid plastic.

3 Used bearings: In Severstal regularly formed a large number of used bearings, which are subsequently transmitted to the black scrap. Bearings contain solid alloys, which can be used for private secondary applications, and to outside buyers.
For extraction of hard alloys it is necessary to organize a separate site (outsourcing). The idea requires a full study (from studying the composition of the bearings to developing a method of extraction and subsequent use).




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