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The Smolensk region

The Smolensk region is located between Moscow and Europe and borders with the Mogilev and Vitebsk regions of Belarus. Within a radius of 500 km of the Smolensk region reside 67.9 million people.

The main economic advantages of the Smolensk region are:
­ the unique geographical location on the way from Russia to Europe. 35% of all Russian cargoes passes through the region and 75% of cargoes arriving from Western Europe to Russia in the same way,
­ developed transport infrastructure,
­ superfluity of electrical energy,
­ effective state programs of business support.

The Export Support Center of Smolensk Region is one of the key elements of state infrastructure to support export activities of small and medium business in the region. The goal of the Export Support Center is to provide small and middle companies of Smolensk consulting and service support in selling their goods and services to companies from near and far abroad by providing free consultative, intermediary services, financing marketing research, participation of Smolensk exporters in exhibitions, educational and business events in Russia and other countries.

More information about the Smolensk region:
Presentation of the Smolensk region
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