The Trade Representation of the Russian Federation in Finland

RepresentationThe Trade Representation of the Russian Federation in Finland is a state organisation functioning on the basis of a bilateral intergovernmental treaty and representing trade and economic interests of Russia in Finland.

The Trade Representation closely follows the activities of the Russian-Finnish Intergovernmental Commission for Economic Cooperation as the main bilateral organ for planning and implementing agreements between governments as well as trade and regional administrative organs of Russia and Finland.

One of the main directions of activities of the Russian Trade Representation in Finland is to assist Russian and Finnish foreign trade participants to strengthen direct partner relationships, to further foster mutual trade and cooperation in the economic field, to offer them various information and consulting services of economic, financial and juridical nature, to assist in solving practical problems of trade cooperation on the level of government structures, to participate in planning, developing and realization of concrete deals and joint projects.

Basically, work is being done in processing export offers from Russian machinery producers and raw material exporters. On the other hand, Finnish companies assisted by the Trade Representation search for Russian exporters of various products, including orders for individual parts and components for machinery and equipment produced by them.

The Trade Representation is constantly assisting interested companies with information services in establishing business contacts with potential trade partners, organizing commercial negotiations, promoting trade of Russian raw materials, technical machinery products and technologies on the Finnish market, carrying on import operations, expanding investment activities, establishing cooperation relationships as well as organizing advertisement campaigns at international fairs and exhibitions.

The Trade Representative: Valery SHLYAMIN

FIN-00140 Helsinki, Tehtaankatu 1 C
Phone (board): +358 9 664528
Fax:+358 9 652435



 Structure of the Trade Representation of Russia in Finland (*.doc, 89 Kb)